Nicola Pezzotti

Research Scientist and Engineer in
Artificial Intelligence and Visual Analytics

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About me

I am a Research Scientist focusing on the development of algorithmic solutions for Artificial-Intelligence and Visual-Analytics. My algorithms and tools are used in several research groups and led to discoveries presented in important venues such as “Nature Communications”, “Nature Immunology” and the “Journal of Experimental Medicine”. I do not focus only on fundamental research, but also on the development of large, scalable and stable software and its path to useful products.

After my master, I worked for more than three years in an Italian start-up developing 3D scanners, now acquired by FARO, as research & development engineer and as research fellow at the University of Brescia. I received my PhD Cum Laude from Delft University of Technology in the Computer Graphics & Visualization group, in close collaboration with the Division of Image-Processing at Leiden University Medical Center. During the PhD I joined INRIA Saclay as Visiting Scientist, and I worked at Google AI with Alexander Mordvintsev, the creator of Google’s DeepDream. At Google, I published two research papers and developed an open source library released in the TensorFlow.js family. I currently work at Philips Research, with a joint appointment as Assistant Professor at Eindhoven University of Technology, focusing on the development of reliable and human-centered Artificial-Intelligence solutions for healthcare.

Selected Publications

A detailed list of my publications can be found on my Google Scholar page or on Semantic Scholar

  • N. Pezzotti, J. Thijssen, A. Mordvintsev, T. Höllt, B. van Lew, B.P.F. Lelieveldt, E. Eisemann, A. Vilanova. GPGPU Linear Complexity t-SNE Optimization. Transaction on Visualization and Computer Graphics (Proceedings of IEEE VIS 2019), 2019. Preprint, Demo, Google AI post
  • V. van Unen*, T. Hollt*, N. Pezzotti*, N. Li, M. J.T. Reinders, E. Eisemann, A. Vilanova, F. Koning, B. P.F. Lelieveldt. Interactive Visual Analysis of Mass Cytometry Data by Hierarchical Stochastic Neighbor Embedding Reveals Rare Cell Types. Nature Communications, 2017. Website PDF
  • N. Pezzotti, T. Höllt, J. van Gemert, B.P.F. Lelieveldt, E. Eisemann, A. Vilanova. DeepEyes: Progressive Visual Analytics for Designing Deep Neural Networks. Transaction on Visualization and Computer Graphics (Proceedings of IEEE VIS 2017), 2018. PDF, Video
  • N. Pezzotti, T. Höllt, B.P.F. Lelieveldt, E. Eisemann, A. Vilanova. Hierarchical Stochastic Neighbor Embedding. Computer Graphics Forum (Proc. of EuroVis), 2016. PDF, Suppl. Mat., Video, Slides
  • T. Höllt, N. Pezzotti, V. van Unen, F. Koning, E. Eisemann, B.P.F. Lelieveldt, A. Vilanova. Cytosplore: Interactive Immune Cell Phenotyping for Large Single-Cell Datasets. Computer Graphics Forum (Proc. of EuroVis), 2016. PDF
  • N. Pezzotti, B.P.F. Lelieveldt, L. van der Maaten, T. Höllt, E. Eisemann, and A. Vilanova. Approximated and User Steerable tSNE for Progressive Visual Analytics. Transaction on Visualization and Computer Graphics (Presented at IEEE VIS 2016), 2016. PDF, Suppl. Mat., Video I, Video II, Video III


  • 2020 - Philips Innovation Award: tools and techniques for Deep Learning and trustworthy AI
  • 2020 - Best Scientific Paper Award in Computer Vision - Philips AI Conference
  • 2020 - Highest Business Potential Award in Computer Vision - Philips AI conference
  • 2020 - Recipient of the Outstanding Achievement Award at Philips Research
  • 2019 - Winner of the first FastMRI challenge organized by Facebook AI Research and NYU Langone Health - Results, Philips Research Blog, Recordings
  • 2019 - IEEE VGTC 2019 Best Dissertation Award
  • 2019 - Dirk Bartz Prize for Visual Computing in Medicine
  • 2019 - PhD Cum Laude - Awarded to 5% of PhD candidates in the Netherlands
  • 2018 - Portraits of Science 2018 - TU Delft Excellence in Research
  • 2006 - Awarded in “Expo Del capitale umano 2006” for academic merit
  • 2005 - Silver medal in the Italian selection for the International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI)


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